Mimer Energy is an Energy Developer providing geothermal heating and cooling comfort to communities, companies and public bodies.

The management team previously developed EarthEnergy Limited into one of the UK’s leading geothermal contractors and has learnt the lessons from the initial phase of market development in the UK. With a track record of 2,000 ground source heat pump systems, connected to over 200km of boreholes the team has the engineering experience to ensure that every project meets its required performance.

Mimer Energy brings transformational change in the industry, introducing a fully financed delivery model for ground source energy projects, able to provide fixed cost heating and/or cooling for the client. Mimer Energy focuses primarily on a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) business model, which means that all finalised installations are transferred to the local community or company after an agreed period of successful operation. This is particularly suitable for buildings not connected to the mains gas grid.

Mimer Energy aims to provide worldwide access to inexpensive, clean, fully renewable and reliable geothermal heating and cooling energy with zero emissions and no negative environmental effects.