New website for Mimer Energy

Stockholm 20th September 2011 Global energy developer Mimer Energy has today launched a new international website to provide an overview of its business philosophy and technical principles. “It was important for us to build an English website since this is an international business language and far more widely understood that Swedish” commented Mimer’s Marketing and [...]


New CEO at Mimer Energy

Stockholm 13th September 2011 Mimer Energy has appointed Brian Kennelly as Group Chief Executive Officer to drive the company’s global growth strategy, providing customers all over the world with affordable, low carbon heating and cooling. Brian has a track record of over 25 years in the construction and utilities industries and built up a formidable [...]


Mimer Energy finalizes the acquisition of it’s first company

Stockholm 30th of August 2011 Mimer Energy has completed its acquisition of 100% of the UK based company Mimer Energy Limited to reinforce the structure of the group and secure its position in the UK market. “It was important for us to establish Mimer Energy Limited as a wholly owned subsidiary to ensure we have [...]


Mimer Energy CEO elected chariman of UK GSHP associaton

Cornwall 27th of July 2011 Mimer Energy Limited CEO, Brian Kennelly has been elected Chairman of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association, a trade body which represents the ground energy industry in the UK. “With utility companies announcing another round of double digit price increases for gas and electricity, there has never been a more [...]


Mimer Energy establishes in Boulder, Colorado

Stockholm 17th of May 2011 Mimer Energy has established its first regional presence in the USA, located in Boulder, Colorado. Mimer Energy’s global strategy is to provide worldwide access to inexpensive, clean, fully renewable and reliable geothermal heating and cooling energy with zero emissions and no negative environmental effects. The formation and implementation of its [...]


Core design team acquired by Mimer Energy

Cornwall 15th of April 2011 Mimer Energy has acquired the core design team from leading UK ground source heat pump contractor EarthEnergy to form a new, UK based company Mimer Energy Limited. Operating from a head office in Falmouth, Cornwall, this gives Mimer Energy the technical expertise and experienced personnel necessary to rapidly grow the [...]


A new energy company launches

Stockholm 4th of March 2011 Mimer Energy has been launched as the new name for Earth Sustainable Energy Sweden to signify the ethos of the company. Mimer was a figure in Norse mythology who provided wise counsel to Odin. The ‘World Tree’ (Yggdrasil) around which the nine worlds of Norse mythology existed is said to have [...]