Mimer contracts with a customer under a Thermal Purchase Agreement (TPA), which enables the building owner or property developer to stabilize their space conditioning (heating and cooling) costs for 10-20 years (or more), guaranteeing the customer fixed and/or reduced energy costs far into the future.

Coupled with aggressive depreciation and investment tax credits for commercial installations, the Mimer solution is a utility-like program: Mimer makes it less expensive to install a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) HVAC system than a competitive, fossil fuel based system.  It also turns heating and cooling of a commercial property into a fixed, utility-like monthly expense with a long term, fixed price per kWh.

Based on a number of factors that include calculated or real fuel usage history of the building(s), heating and cooling loads, square footage, price of currently competitive fossil fuel and electricity, the average customer can expect their monthly heating and cooling costs to be reduced by as much as 10%.