Phase 1 – Mimer undertakes a feasibility study and analysis to identify the renewable energy resources available and determine the appropriate mix of energy solutions to meet the needs of the customer.

Phase 2 – Outline design and financial modelling to form the basis of a contract for energy supply with price and term.

Phase 3 – Detailed design, thermal and hydraulic modelling and performance simulation.

Phase 4 – Turnkey design and construction of the energy resource infrastructure including the ground loop heat exchanger and electricity generation equipment.

Phase 5 – Installation of the heating and/or cooling distribution network and facilities for use of surplus electricity as appropriate.

Phase 6 – Mimer operates the energy infrastructure providing monitoring, service & maintenance. There is nothing that a customer of Mimer has to think about.

Phase 7 – Finally, the customer makes a choice to take over the whole energy system or to renew the operational contract for a further term.