Mimer Energy signs for water treatment services in India

Mimer Energy AB and E-Tech AB  signs a MoU by which Mimer Energy becomes the exclusive representative of E-tech’s technology, product line and services in India.

Mimer Energy aim to provide small scale treatment plant as environmentally friendly alternative for the treatment of sewage from individual houses, multi-family houses and cottages. The technology used is based on a natural and biological treatment process.

E-Tech has been working with water issues for many years. In every country there are different challenges concerning the water issue. These challenges can be anything from higher demands concerning already ”clean” water, to demands for just getting water clean enough to survive. In Sweden for example, there is already very clean water, compared to other countries. Other countries have far greater problems with highly polluted water and almost no water at all for long periods.

E-Tech web site: www.spaxes.se

For more information contact:

Zartab Haider Jafri
Head of Indian Operation, Mimer Energy AB
Tel: +91 750 771 73 83