Mimer Energy signs cooperation agreement with Sweco and Plantagon

STOCKHOLM December 15, 2011 — An alliance of Swedish clean-tech companies has made Plantagon well known within the Urban Agriculture sector. Now the energy company Mimer Energy has reinforced the alliance as Mimer Energy has signed a cooperation agreement with Plantagon International through their partner company Sweco.

”This is a great opportunity to apply renewable energy technologies to sustainable agriculture”, says Brian Kennelly, CEO of Mimer Energy, ”this collaboration brings together all our founding principles to be an ethical company with a social conscience that can really make a difference to the future of the way we live our lives”.

Mimer Energy is an Energy Developer providing low or zero carbon geothermal heating and cooling comfort to communities, companies and public bodies. The technical team at Mimer Energy have a track record of 2,000 ground source heat pump systems, connected to over 200 km of boreholes, Mimer Energy aims to provide worldwide access to inexpensive, clean, fully renewable and reliable geothermal heating and cooling energy with zero emissions and no negative environmental effects.

”Through Mimer Energy’s extensive knowledge in geothermal heating and cooling, we are confident that our alliance of expertise will be even stronger in our efforts to provide strong and competitive solutions for our joint Urban Agriculture offer”, says Hans Hassle, CEO of Plantagon International.

Other companies in the alliance developing solutions within Urban Agriculture in close cooperation with Plantagon and Sweco are Saab, Combitech and Tekniska Verken.


For additional information please contact:

Brian Kennelly CEO Mimer Energy AB, +44 (0)7881 583 261, b.kennelly@mimerenergy.co.uk

Hans Hassle, CEO, Plantagon International AB, +46 (0)709 179 400, hans.hassle@plantagon.com

Carin Balfe Arbman, Plantagon, Media Relations, +46 (0)70 633 35 08, carin.balfe-arbman@plantagon.com

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