US town paves the way for next generation energy

The Town of West Warwick in Rhode Island on the East Coast of the USA has approved a joint venture partnership with Mimer Energy to give the town the opportunity to become the first area in the US to use geothermal energy on a village scale.

The first priority for the project is to provide geothermal heating and cooling for the businesses, schools and town hall in the arctic Village district of the town. “For businesses that have heating and cooling year round this is a perfect application for this technology” said Town Planner Fredrick Presley. “The first step, taking place now, is to do a full feasibility study to find the potential locations for the geothermal energy system and wells”.

“This is a great opportunity to be involved in the regeneration of an industrial town to provide renewable energy in a way that will really benefit the community” said Mimer Energy CEO Brian Kennelly.”West Warwick is showing real leadership and I believe this project will become a great ambassador for the technology and the innovative business model which enables Mimer to work in partnership to create local employment and other economic benefits.