Mimer Energy gets attention in New England

A geothermal project in West Warwick would be a first of it’s kind in the U.S. The project is aimed at lowering energy costs in the Arctic Village section of town for municipal, business and residential buildings.

Plan underway to revitalize WW village: wpri.com

The master plan as town planner Fred Presley says is a golden opportunity to revitalize the Arctic Village District from the ground up.
”The source for the heating and cooling is the temperature of the earth,” Presley says.

The earth will heat or cool water in 10 foot wells in the earth. Pumps will circulate the water into buildings to providence heating and cooling.
”With the business model that Mimer has created would come at little to no expense to the user up front and it would be part of their regular utility fee over time,” says Presley.

”Mimer focuses on village scale geothermal heating and cooling systems,” says Mark Gordon, CEO of Mimer Energy of New England says users pay a set price during a 15-20 year period to Mimer.
Eventually that utility would be transferred to the town and the town would get that revenue.
”Everything is off the shelf, putting it all together is pretty unique,” Gordon says.

Some of the money for the feasibility study and installations could come from the RI Economic and Development Corporation.
Restaurant Owner Kevin Millonzi thinks this is a win-win.
”For a business owner, it’s a big help.”

”It’s clean renewable energy and it’s going to save you money in the long run. And you’re doing something for the community,” says Presley.
West Warwick hopes to have the system in place in time for their centennial celebration in 2013.

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