Mimer appointed to investigate uses for Waste Heat

Mimer Energy have been appointed to produce a vision document exploring the possibilities for making use of medium temperature heat waste from the ESS project in Lund, Sweden. The goal is to broadly identify better alternatives than the current conceptual design, especially opportunities to establish users of medium-temperature heat in the vicinity of ESS.

European Spallation Source (ESS) is a joint European project, like that of many large-scale research facilities such as CERN in Geneva. ESS will become a multi-scientific facility for advanced research and industrial development. ESS will open up entirely new opportunities for researchers within a large number of fields of research: chemistry, nano and energy technology, environmental engineering, foodstuff, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, IT, materials and engineering science and archaeology. ESS can be compared to a large microscope, where neutrons are used to probe various materials. High precision instruments will enable detailed analyses under realistic conditions. http://ess-scandinavia.eu/index.php

ESS will produce and estimated 34 GWh per year of heat at a temperature of 40 °C. The current Conceptual Design describes a system that uses heat pumps to augment temperatures to a level useable for district heating. The process requires an electricity use of 1 kWh of electricity for each 4.2 kWh of heat, indicating and increased electricity use of 8 GWh per year.

ESS wishes to avoid increased dependency on electricity. The study will therefore focus on making use of the heat at the temperature it is delivered. Some ideas for alternative uses have been identified, such as swimming pools, greenhouses and a digestion facility for biogas production.