New CEO at Mimer Energy

Stockholm 13th September 2011

Mimer Energy has appointed Brian Kennelly as Group Chief Executive Officer to drive the company’s global growth strategy, providing customers all over the world with affordable, low carbon heating and cooling. Brian has a track record of over 25 years in the construction and utilities industries and built up a formidable reputation for his insistence that every project is properly engineered to meet the client’s performance expectations.

“Having been through rapid growth with two companies in the UK, I’m honoured to be given the opportunity to do something internationally,” said Brian Kennelly, “our aspiration is to combine geothermal heating and cooling with electricity from renewable resources at the community scale to deliver true zero emissions energy. But more than that, we want to do this in collaboration with the host communities and customers to generate knowledge based employment locally, which can then go on to subsequent projects for other clients – I believe this is the only sustainable way to grow a global business”.

“We already have a great team of experts with the experience of delivering major projects and are expanding this by developing partnerships with a network of like minded companies giving a wide range of technical expertise and installation capability. This enables us to fully understand each client’s needs and propose a technical and commercial solution that is most appropriate for each unique situation and the emphasis is to do this in an ethical and socially responsible way”.