Mimer Energy finalizes the acquisition of it’s first company

Stockholm 30th of August 2011

Mimer Energy has completed its acquisition of 100% of the UK based company Mimer Energy Limited to reinforce the structure of the group and secure its position in the UK market.

“It was important for us to establish Mimer Energy Limited as a wholly owned subsidiary to ensure we have full access to the expertise from the team in Falmouth” said global strategist Georg Svensson” this will enable us to transfer knowledge to other subsidiary companies as they are established in the client communities, creating local jobs and laying the foundations for sustainable businesses, which will eventually become self sufficient”.

“I am delighted that we have completed the deal that was originally agreed with a handshake back in April” said Brian Kennelly, CEO of Mimer Energy Limited, “This gives us the financial strength to develop the company both here in the UK and through exporting our services and knowledge to sister companies elsewhere”.