Mimer Energy establishes in Boulder, Colorado

Stockholm 17th of May 2011

Mimer Energy has established its first regional presence in the USA, located in Boulder, Colorado. Mimer Energy’s global strategy is to provide worldwide access to inexpensive, clean, fully renewable and reliable geothermal heating and cooling energy with zero emissions and no negative environmental effects. The formation and implementation of its Colorado based company marks the beginning of its footprint into the North American market.

Mimer’s intention in entering the North American market is to accelerate the utilization of commercial geothermal heat pumps, reduce dependency on public utility and fossil fuels, and help any potential host-site overcome the largest barrier to utilization, namely, the high cost of GHP system implementation. The Mimer solution is based on the operational efficiencies inherent in GHP technology coupled with an investment market hungry for attractive, low-risk returns, providing win-win-win financing solutions for commercial-scale GPH system installations.