A new energy company launches

Stockholm 4th of March 2011

Mimer Energy has been launched as the new name for Earth Sustainable Energy Sweden to signify the ethos of the company. Mimer was a figure in Norse mythology who provided wise counsel to Odin. The ‘World Tree’ (Yggdrasil) around which the nine worlds of Norse mythology existed is said to have been fed by water from the Mímisbrunnr well that contained wisdom and intelligence. The master of the well was called Mimer and he was full of learning because he drank from the well.


Mimer Energy  uses our inherited wisdom to use the earth’s limited resources in a sustainable and ethical way. This new name reflects the business model to assist local communities and companies – customers all over the world to construct small-scale micro utilities producing energy for heating and cooling. The energy used in the system are hybrids of Solar Geothermal and other direct energy sources such as Solar PV, Wind and Hydro, used according to the local situation resulting in a true zero-emission concept.


“Mimer Energy is a great new brand for the company, encapsulating everything we believe in with total simplicity” said Global Strategist Georg Svensson, “This marks the start of accelerated development for the company as we expand to tackle our global ambition to become a market leader in zero-carbon energy”